All Kinds of Time

All Kinds of Time: The Enduring Spirit of the Creative Music Studio
Arborville Publishing, 2016.

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All Kinds of Time is a celebration of the creative spirit of Karl Berger and Ingrid Sertso and the expansive Creative Music Studio family, which has enabled CMS to remain vital, forty-three years after its founding. This book is a sequel to Music Universe, Music Mind: Revisiting the Creative Music Studio, Woodstock, New York, (Arborville Publishing, 1996, ISBN 0-9650438-4-3), The first book is a history of the Creative Music Studio, which covers the period when Karl Berger met Don Cherry and joined his band in Paris in the middle 1960s to the year 1984, when the Creative Music Studio ceased to exist as a viable facility with a home of its own. All Kinds of Time picks up where Music Universe, Music Mind left off and relates events in CMS history that have led to its current state of vitality in 2016.